Top TV Shows


  • Beautiful sets, costumes and scenery. Enticing romance and characters. 


  • Funny light hearted show, easy to watch and short episodes

The Politician 

  • Great storyline with interesting characters and good music thrown in!


  • Interesting story of Tinsel Town and important topics of race and sexuality.

The Office

  • The best show, funny and great characters.


  • Intriguing storylines and characters, always leaves you on your toes.

Stranger Things

  • Great kid actors and actresses, and unique theme

Outer Banks

  • Fun adventure filled show, with mystery, love and friendship

Red Oaks

  • Light hearted, easy to watch show, set in 80’s tennis club

Study Tips

 Make Flashcards

  • Great for memorization and terms you have to know

Record your voice saying study information

  • This can be useful to listen to the information while you are doing other things such as working out or getting ready in the morning
  • You can also ask questions and pause for a few moments to give your future self time to think about the question and answer in their heads or out loud

Make a “cheat sheet” and look at it every day

  • It can help you picture it
  • You can review what you learned while making the cheat sheet

Read the notes out loud

  • Acting like you are teaching someone the topics can help you figure out what you understand and what you don’t 

Study with a partner

  • Good to compare ideas and information with classmates/others

These are the study methods that have worked for us, but make sure you find the best way to study for your needs! Always put your best efforts into the work, but don’t get overwhelmed.

Sincerely, Le & oh

New Year Goals

We are so excited for the new year and love setting goals for ourselves. We plan to work on each of these goals, but also understand that it is OKAY if we don’t do everything perfectly. Here are some our our top goals for 2021:

  1. Continue to Live a Healthy Lifestyle
  • This includes continuing to workout 4-5 times a week, doing HIIT, LISS, body weight workouts and weight lifting
  • Meal prep healthy (mostly vegan) meals
  1. Keep Up with Good Marks at School
  • No overdue assignments
  • Make a study guide for exams/tests 
  1. Learn about & Invest in Stocks
  • Something that can help us in the future
  1. Volunteering Hours
  • Finding online volunteer opportunities
  1. Grow Our Blog!
  • Continue to post weekly 
  • Build a community 

Have an amazing new year and tell us in the comments below some of your new year goals!

Sincerely, Le & oh


Welcome to Leoh Blog!
We are so excited to have you!
We will be posting about travel, our favorite things such as food, music and so much more. Please subscribe and follow us on instagram for more content and to be updated when we post.

We hope you join us on this journey!

Sincerely, Le & oh

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